About RSVP Cambodia

Rural Schools Village Program Cambodia


In 2011, Cambodian Self-Help Demining (CSHD) cleared a minefield south of the Thai border. The village chief approached Aki Ra after and asked him to build a school. This village had limited access to education; the closest school was 5 miles away. Kids could not travel that far for school every day. The chief asked Aki Ra to build a school on the newly cleared land. Aki Ra built the school and Rural School Village Program (RSVP) was born.

Today, Rural School Village Program support over 3,300 students and 100 teachers. Rural School Village Program has built 29 primary schools. The Rural School Village Program builds schools in areas with limited access to education. Rural School Village Program gives students the chance of continuing school, getting a good job, and furthering development in their communities. 

Rural School Village Program provides a toilet, assembly area, and well, often the only one in the village at every school it builds. An improved quality of life, and the power of education can do wonders for kids in rural areas. 

Rural School Village Program gives teachers a salary ($20 a month) in addition to their government pay. 

How we do it?

Rural School Village Program schools are paid for by sponsors, donors, and friends. Villages provide the land, secure the needed licenses for a school, and are hired to construct the building and facility supplies. Rural School Village Program provides children (and adults) with the essential tools to educate themselves!


Working with its partner, The Landmine Relief Fund, Rural School Village Program provides university scholarships for students in Cambodia, who would otherwise not be able to afford a university education. At the beginning of 2023 RSVP was supporting 6 students with tuition, rooms, uniforms, school supplies and a small monthly stipend.