About RSVP Cambodia

Rural Schools Village Program Cambodia

The idea for RSVP came about when Aki Ra was approached by a village chief shortly after Cambodian Self-Help Demining (CSHD) had finished clearing a minefield in an area of Cambodia just south of the Thai border. The children in this village had limited access to education; the closest school was 5 miles away. It was too far for the kids to travel daily to get to. The chief had one simple request: to build a school on the newly cleared land. It was on this day that a new non-profit was born: Rural Schools Village Program..

Now providing around 3,100 children with the opportunity to have an education, the Rural School Village Program is truly making a difference. As of 2021, we have built 27 schools that provide a quality education to primary school aged children in areas where they didn’t formerly have a school. This gives them a better chance of continuing school, getting a good job, and being able to further development in their communities and country. 

At each school we provide a toilet and well, which may be the only one of each in the village. An improved quality of life, and the power of education can do wonders for these kids. 

We also make sure our teachers are sufficiently paid so that they can stay working at the school. 

How we do it?

Our schools are paid for by sponsors, donors, and friends of RSVP. Villages provide the land secure the needed licenses for a school and are hired to construct the building and facility supplies. We provide Khmer children (and adults) with the essential tools to educate themselves for the better!


Working with its partners, The Landmine Relief Fund, Project Enlighten and the Dith Pran Foundation, RSVP provides university scholarships for deserving students in Cambodia who would otherwise not be able to afford a university education.  At the beginning of 2020 RSVP was supporting 9 students with tuition, rooms, uniforms, school supplies and a small monthly stipend.