Anlong Tbal School

RSVP Cambodia

School Statistics

Coordinates: 104°14’45.287″E13°43’43.819″N

Year School Completed: 2015 (Original school was built in 2012)

Number of Students: 59

Teachers: 4

Size of School Building: 2 room

Donated by: Pierre

School Story

In 2012, Aki Ra and the CSHD demining team cleared a minefield in a village near the Anlong Tbal village. A Khmer man, Poch, who worked as a representative for the village in the school system there knew Aki Ra and told him that they had no school for the children there. He asked Aki Ra to help build a school for them because they really wanted the village children learn how to read and write.

After the CSHD team saw the real situation that this village was in, located in the jungle and far from developing area, they realized how truly difficult it was for teachers, school builders, and students to access to that area. They decided that day to build a school with 2 rooms and a library building.

Working in that village was quite difficult for the team, but they made it happen because they knew the urgent need to build a school in that area, it was the least they could do!

Thank you Pierre for the funding to build this school!