Boeng 3 School

RSVP Cambodia

School Statistics

Coordinates: 102°43’37.483″E13°19’10.599″N

Year School Completed: 2015

Number of Students: 76

Teachers: 5

Size of School Building: 4 room

School Story

We first heard about Boeung Bei through a local newspaper ad that the villagers had posted here in Cambodia. They were looking for an organization to build them a school.

When we heard their story and how desperately they needed a school to be built, we answered! Sophary Sophin, Operations Manager for CSHD, was the first to contact the villagers and decide on a time to go visit the area. On the road there, she discovered how difficult it was to actually reach the village from the nearest main highway – it required attempting to drive through 10 km of muddy, dirt roads followed by another several kilometers through the rice fields.

The funding to build this school was provided by the Landmine Relief Fund.