Boeng Snor School

RSVP Cambodia

School Statistics

Coordinates: 102°47’36.502″E13°48’29.219″N

Year School Completed: 2016

Number of Students: 208

Teachers: 6

Size of School Building: 5 room

Donated By: Harrod, David, Elsa, the Landmine Relief Fund, and the Cambodia Landmine Museum

School Story

Pictured above is the old school building this village used to have (which couldn’t be used if it was too windy or raining due to safety concerns). Only 190 out of the 400 children in the area used to attend. With the construction of this new school, we hope that all children in the area will attend school.

The last two pictures were taken at the school’s dedication ceremony in April 2016 when the new school officially opened. 

Special thanks to Herrod, Elsa and David, The Landmine Museum, and the Landmine Relief Fund for all contributing so that we were able to build this school!