Bour Touk School

RSVP Cambodia

School Statistics

Coordinates: 102°34’52.996″E13°16’30.553″N

Year School Completed: 2016 (originally built in 2014)

Number of Students: 163

Teachers: 4

Size of School Building: 4 room

Donated By: Red Shirt Kids

School Story

Located several kilometers from Ou Chrey School, Bour Touk is now a feeder school to Ou Chrey. Grades 1 and 2 are offered at this school and once the children are older they can walk or ride bikes out to Ou Chrey to continue their studies.

The school was originally built as a 2 room school in 2014, but two more classrooms were later added in 2016.

Thank you to the Red Shirt Kids for the funding to build this school!