Ou Sbeak Broeus School

RSVP Cambodia

School Statistics

Coordinates: 102°41’36.448″E13°16’12.468″N

Year School Completed: 2015

Number of Students: 146

Teachers: 3

Size of School Building: 3 rooms

Donated By: Wendell Johnson

School Story

In 2014, we built a school named Ou Chrey. Soon after that, the school director working in this area heard of another school that needed to be helped. He told us about Ou Sbeak Broeus.

The RSVP team went to survey the school to see if it fit the criteria for the types of schools that we help. When we arrived, we saw a small wooden building in the pagoda area. We did not realize then that it served as the school for 45 students. The building itself was built from many pieces old wood, old zinc (metal roof), grass, and old tents. The Operations Manager for CSHD and head of RSVP, Sophary Sophin, said “for sure I thought that was a chicken house”.

After a week, the team called the village chief and teacher to set up a meeting. They were so surprised that they waited from 7 am till the team arrived at 1 pm. Everyone, the entire village and RSVP team, gathered in a small building that belonged to the village monks. They all listened quietly, and even a woman with an IV still in her arm came to listen! We told them that our policy is to supply building material and school supplies, and that the village was responsible for the builders fee and landfill to raise the land so the school would not flood. Unfortunately, the villagers faced a bigger problem. They could not afford either of those responsibilities on top of buying the land for the school to be built on.

After a long and disappointing day, Sophary Sophin received a phone call from an American man who had been at the meeting with the villagers. He said that after visiting the village, he felt something telling him that he should help fund the school in honor of his father. This man donated the initial money to build the school, and then went out and raised more money with the help of his friends and family.

The next day, Sophary was able to call the building material supplier to order and send materials to the village to build the school!

Thank you Wen for supporting the building of this school!