Our Team

RSVP Cambodia

Aki Ra
Aki Ra - Founder

From child soldier to patriotic philanthropist, Aki Ra has had a hand in creating three NGOs: The Canadian Landmine Museum, Cambodian Self-Help Demining, and Rural School Village Program. 

Sophary Sophin
Sophary Sophin - CSHD Operations Manager

Sophary was the first person in her family to complete high school and college. She started with an entry-level position at Cambodian Self-Help Demining and rose quickly to the top thanks to her hard work and intelligence. She plays a major role for RSVP and just wishes to help the people and children in her country. 

Bill Morse
Bill Morse - Director

Bill moved to Cambodia over 10 years ago after starting his own charity to help Aki Ra run his NGOs. He uses his corporate business experience to guide RSVP and help it grow the most it possibly can. 

Jill Morse
Jill Morse - Advisor

Jill, an elementary school teacher, has a special love for kids, and now Cambodia. She knows what our RSVP school teachers need to do the best job they can and helps us achieve that in every way.